Susanne Elizabeth is a jewelry line I created in my Los Angeles home.  It all sort of started by accident as I came across a beautiful bead store (Sweets Beads) with the friendliest ladies who truly inspired me to get started in what's turned into something amazing.  I made all of my friends and families Christmas presents and from there the rest is history.  By wearing my own jewelry and through the word of mouth of my friends who wore their gifts, I've been fortunate to turn this into a small and personal little business. Since starting my jewelry line in 2009, my pieces have been seen on the past eight season's of ABC's "The Bachelorette."

My goal is to create jewelry that you wear every day of the week or that special piece that turns a simple outfit into something breathtaking!  I design jewelry that you, the stylista, have been searching for, whether it's a design of mine or a custom piece that you've always imagined and cannot find anywhere.  Just send me a picture and we'll create something spectacular together!

I work with precious stones and a variety of metals.  Unless otherwise specified, my designs are all gold-filled and will never tarnish when handled properly.  Everything is of the highest quality as I hand pick each and every stone, charm, and bobble.  All pieces are hand-made with care and come with a lifetime warranty!!

Hope you enjoy!

"Great love and great achievement involve great risk..."